Starting or changing your membership with CrossFit Christchurch?

First Step: View our Membership Packages and choose the one most suited to you
Second Step: Download and fill out the appropriate forms (listed below) and bring to your next CrossFit session
2. DDR (paying by Direct Debit) form 
OR CCR (paying by Credit Card) form
3. Waiver - if you have not already filled one out, please also bring this

Third Step: Get fitter, faster, and stronger through your CrossFit Christchurch training!

Please note, we only operate on monthly debit frequency, or paying for your membership contract/package once off, in full. 
Paying by Credit Card incurs a 4.22% charge per transaction.
Once a Fixed Term Membership period has ended the membership will renew onto a monthly membership. This monthly membership will be at the same rate as your fixed term membership however no discounts apply. If you wish to cancel your membership after the fixed term period, 14 days written (email) notice is required. Please email

Warm Regards,

The CrossFit Christchurch Team


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